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hi [22 Oct 2008|01:28am]

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Gravi RP [17 Dec 2005|06:22am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey there! I've just started a new Gravitation RP called Nostalgia. No kidding here! It's brand new and (as of right now) all the characters are open with the exception of Hiro. Don't worry if you're not really experienced. So long as you have an understanding of the series (though knowing the manga would be beneficial) you can apply. I want this RP to be a place where players of all backgrounds can grow and have fun! I look forward to playing with you!
If you're interested give it a look: http://lovemix.proboards76.com/index.cgi

x-posted... umm, a lot of places... ^^;

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[15 Jun 2005|11:45pm]

A reminder: Photo ID's will be necessary to receive your badge at ANimeNext! Make sure to bring one, whether it be school ID, NYC ID, Cambodia ID, etc. Just make sure you have it, or you will not receive your badge.

Thanks, and see you all Friday.

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AnimeNext bus meet-up time and location! [13 Jun 2005|11:25pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey all. To those who of you going to AnimeNext this upcoming
weekend, here are the tentative meet-up plans:

After looking at the schedule that has now been posted at
AnimeNext.org, opening ceremonies will be taking place at 10AM. In
order to ensure that we get on the bus, since there will be a large
amount of people trying to take the bus, I suggest getting to the Port
Authoirty at 8AM.

There will be two meet-up points to make it easier for those of you
who can get to the PA easier than Brooklyn College.

1. At 7AM, we will be meeting in front of SUBO. We will be leaving at
7:10, and will then be taking the 2 train to 42nd Street.

2. At 8AM (give or take a few minutes due to trains), we will then be
meeting up in front of the Port Authority. Anyone who is meeting us
at the Port Authoirty instead of at SUBO, please make sure to contact
me on my cell phone when you arrive there to ensure we meet up
smoothly, and don't end up waiting at the wrong entrance or anything
like that. My cell phone number is 646-496-6848. Once we meet up,
off to catch the next available bus we shall go.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please let me know. If not,
see you soon!


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Cosplay + Masquerade question... [01 Jun 2005|11:35pm]

[ mood | busy ]

For AnimeNext, there are 2 costume contests.

1. Masquerade (for craftsmanship & presentation) This is our Saturday night stage event.

2. Hall Cosplay Contest (for craftsmanship only) If you don’t want to go on stage but still want to have your costume judged, then this contest is for you!

The "Hall Cosplay contest" is on Friday I believe, and the "Masquerade" is Saturday.

My question is... on Saturday, when they say "costume contests" do they mean with the skits they'll also be showing a Fashion Show part strictly for people that only want to strut off their costumes like at Otakon or are the judged in their costumes with a skit?

If you've been to Otakon, I hope you'll understand my question.
Thanks in advanced!!!

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To everyone who is interested... [21 May 2005|06:55pm]

Anyone in need of contacting Marvin, his internet is currently not working. Every time he tries to log on, his computer freezes. So he might not be online for the next couple of months. If you need to get in touch with him, either call his home of cell number. His cell number is posted a couple of posts back on volitionism. Just letting everyone know.
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Since I've been planning a lot of conventions lately... [17 May 2005|02:28am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

For those that have been planning/considering AnimeNEXT last minute, meaning you're planning on your own...I'd like to announce that the Marriott Courtyard Hotel is SOLD OUT with the convention reservations anyway. I only know this because I ironically booked the last room a few days ago. There is another hotel mentioned on the site but there's no $ amount listed and I usually would suggested not going to the options list because it most likely means you'll end up hitchhiking to the convention.

The Mariott Courtyard's normal rates actually are pretty interesting... There are rooms available for $94 per night if you pay in 14 days-advance plus other fine print which you'll have to find out for yourself. Otherwise the standard rate seems to range from $129-$139. I don't know the difference because it all seems to be listed under a standard room with the same items in it. Apparently hair dryers, irons, coffee makers may or may not be provided in the room...so you be prepared with items you need. It's 1 king sized bed...can't be that bad.

AnimeNEXT seems relatively cheap and it is close to home, so maybe I'll see you guys around even if you're not staying in a hotel.

For those that are going, here's procrastination at it's worst [Med//MSPaint]:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
See the rest of you this fall! Have a nice summer(?)!
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One more reminder: [27 Apr 2005|08:49pm]

Everyone, make sure you guys have valid photo ID with you so you can
receive your badge for the convention. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A VALID ID,

This includes school ID, Driver's liscence, permit, etc. As long as
it looks like you and says your name, they will accept it. Just
please, don't forget your photo ID. Or you'll spend the entire
convention in the room.

Thanks guys, and I'll see you all Friday.

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Anyone have white gloves? [27 Apr 2005|08:13pm]

Hey guys. Would anyone going to AnimeBoston, preferably the females, happen to have a pair of white gloves they are not using that can be borrowed for the duration of the convention? Meg is cosplaying as Jan Valentine from Hellsing and doesn't really have the gloves to suit the cosplay.

Assistance in this cosplay emergency would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)

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Anime Boston Transportation Information: [27 Apr 2005|01:04pm]

All is now set and ready to go for Anime Boston. Tickets have been purchased for 8AM on Friday to go to Boston, and 5PM on Sunday to return to New York.

On Friday, we will be meeting at 7:30AM, by the Canal St. & Lafyette exit at the Canal St. station. This exit is right next to the Starbucks, and is the Uptown 6 train exit.

We will wait ten minutes, from 7:30 until 7:40, for club members to show up at this meeting place. That means your best bet is to be early, not late.

At 7:40, we will proceed to the bus, where each person going will receive their ticket that they will then have to sign. Once all tickets are signed and validated at the booth, on the line we go, and on the bus we go.

Marvin's cell phone number is (646)734-5908. Please call him if you are having any troubles finding the meeting place, or the bus if you are running late. The bus leaves exactly at 8AM, and you are not guaranteed a seat if you show up exactly at 8AM. So again, I recommend you show up early for meeting us, as opposed to running to the bus at the last minute.

So once again, we will be taking the 8AM Fung Wah Bus, and shall be meeting up at 7:30AM at the Canal St./Lafyette exit for the uptown 6 train.

We will see you all there.


P.S. AnimeNext registrations were mailed out today. That means as soon as we get back from vacation, we will be putting together plans for the hotel.
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x3 [24 Apr 2005|10:19pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I was lurking and decided to join, since your Anime Club rocks. Argh. I'm envious! I never even started my own Anime club at school, since my highschool sucks. xD;; *grovels*

But anyway, I wanted to drop by and give a special hello to everyone. ^_^;

Oh, yeah. I'm Meg, by the way. *waves*

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Events During Spring Break. [24 Apr 2005|02:23am]

[ mood | awake ]

For previous questions about Forbidden Planet, since now I've realized BCAM members lurk LJ without joining the community journal to REVEAL themselves...

Forbidden Planet's Website: http://www.fpnyc.com

Apparently they're based in the UK(?) now...The site gives info on sales and other info junk. The store is located in the East Village not far from Union Sq. Haha sadly enough from this post everyone should know who posted it by now (-_-);; Just find a local train that'll lead you to 8th Street [R,W].


桜祭り [sakura matsuri/Cherry Blossom Festival]

Location #1: This year for the first time, there is a sakura matsuri held in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. I honestly don't have much info on this event...from what was announced on Club [I wasn't paying much attention] you can visit there this week...but from my knowledge I think the festival has been over for about 1 week already so all you'll get to see are the flowers.

*Location #2: FOR ALL THOSE NOT ATTENDING ANIMEBOSTON//April 30th - May 1st. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 3-day event full of activities and performances =).

For all going to ANIME BOSTON... Have fun~! Remember to arrive 30 mins before the bus departure time.

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[18 Apr 2005|01:19am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

1 less member, instead of 1 more. ARGGH...

Forbidden Planet International <- yes they're international now, has devoted their 2nd floor solely for manga, anime, CCG, and roleplaying.

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*waves around a bat* [15 Apr 2005|04:43am]

[ mood | awake ]

This community's a bit dead so I'm going to rant some anime-related nonsense...

The basement of Elizabeth Center this year during Spring of 2005 has practically revamped 1/3 of it fully related to anime/video games/toy models. Sadly enough the store right behind the elevator that used to sell a lot of neat pewter silver junk with the nice lady that worked there has now been sold to this UBER anime otaku owner! and the best part is..they have really decent prices and its all official stuff so far I've noticed. I'm only announcing this because anime conventions are near...and well most of the club doesn't read this when they should but Elizabeth Center this year is a great spot to search for ANIME cosplay items...

Of course this year's focus downstairs in our beloved tiny basement plaza is on Naruto but very affordable Naruto items =) and a long with other knick-knacks that can be useful for mutilation/reconstruction and costume use. There's other anime otaku merchandise such as bags and tshirts which normally had to be bought online but now its actually sitting on a shelf in a store...<- well if you can call these stores, I guess they're more of closet-stores.

The eternal all time reliable anime store <- the REALLY tiny one where it amazes everyone that the guy in there knows exactly where everything is even though it seems to follow no logic has now split up to two areas if you haven't kept up by now. They're now er...'officially' called Anime Cookies and there's a store located in the basement of Mott St. which is a block away and it's still being renovated. There's apparently a sale in the new store but I've never really noticed the difference other than most of the DVD stock is in the store on Mott St. and everything else is down in Elizabeth Center. They've added more to their stock now, so they carry manga varying in lanuages of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, and randomly a Russian one...so yeah o.O;; for those interested in the newly section of officially translated Yaoi, he also carries a section of this. He has a lot of other stuff...you really just need to look at the display window really carefully and this goes for a lot of the other stores downstairs. Every once in a while you find something for an absurdly amazing deal...

There's a lot of places in Chinatown that actually would connect you to what they're watching in Japan, if you bother asking...or don't mind the muffled engrish and engrish subtitles...we're actually very connected despite how much we're known to hate eachother but yeah... Elizabeth Center is flooded with quite a few helpful cosplay material-filled stores this year so I figure this would be helpful for a handful of people that bother reading this.

Remember its down the corner of where the Citibank is...and it's easier to get there if you get off Canal St.

oyasumi nasai V(^-^);

~Nekura Ash

Have fun at Ani-BOSTON o.O; I'll see everyone else at Ani-NEXT.

FYI, for all BCAM members that haven't signed up for LJ yet:
Signing up for LJ doesn't mean you have to keep an active personal weblog. It can purely be used to have access to communities and post freely at ease....especially if you download a program for posting. LJ is FREE. F-R-E-E, paying is an option so you have no excuse for joining unless you're just lazy and can't even spare 2-5 mins of your lives signing up for a blog. Once you're logged onto LJ...normally you don't even have to log out unless you share the computer so *KICKS* get your lazy ass out of the chair and sign up for LJ!! WE ALL KNOW YOU ANIME FANS LIVE ON THE NET!!!

For all that haven't done so already, Create your own Livejournal [Click]

Go Go Go!!! d(^o^)b

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Anime Next Money Reminder [31 Mar 2005|05:02am]

For those of you on this list planning to go to AnimeNext, just a reminder that the 35 dollar registration fee is due tomorrow in club. If there's any problems, or if you need an extension, let me know tomorrow and we'll see what we can do.
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