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Cosplay + Masquerade question...

For AnimeNext, there are 2 costume contests.

1. Masquerade (for craftsmanship & presentation) This is our Saturday night stage event.

2. Hall Cosplay Contest (for craftsmanship only) If you don’t want to go on stage but still want to have your costume judged, then this contest is for you!

The "Hall Cosplay contest" is on Friday I believe, and the "Masquerade" is Saturday.

My question is... on Saturday, when they say "costume contests" do they mean with the skits they'll also be showing a Fashion Show part strictly for people that only want to strut off their costumes like at Otakon or are the judged in their costumes with a skit?

If you've been to Otakon, I hope you'll understand my question.
Thanks in advanced!!!
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