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AnimeNext bus meet-up time and location!

Hey all. To those who of you going to AnimeNext this upcoming
weekend, here are the tentative meet-up plans:

After looking at the schedule that has now been posted at
AnimeNext.org, opening ceremonies will be taking place at 10AM. In
order to ensure that we get on the bus, since there will be a large
amount of people trying to take the bus, I suggest getting to the Port
Authoirty at 8AM.

There will be two meet-up points to make it easier for those of you
who can get to the PA easier than Brooklyn College.

1. At 7AM, we will be meeting in front of SUBO. We will be leaving at
7:10, and will then be taking the 2 train to 42nd Street.

2. At 8AM (give or take a few minutes due to trains), we will then be
meeting up in front of the Port Authority. Anyone who is meeting us
at the Port Authoirty instead of at SUBO, please make sure to contact
me on my cell phone when you arrive there to ensure we meet up
smoothly, and don't end up waiting at the wrong entrance or anything
like that. My cell phone number is 646-496-6848. Once we meet up,
off to catch the next available bus we shall go.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please let me know. If not,
see you soon!

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