Ian (heehaw_tng) wrote in bcam,

Anime Boston Transportation Information:

All is now set and ready to go for Anime Boston. Tickets have been purchased for 8AM on Friday to go to Boston, and 5PM on Sunday to return to New York.

On Friday, we will be meeting at 7:30AM, by the Canal St. & Lafyette exit at the Canal St. station. This exit is right next to the Starbucks, and is the Uptown 6 train exit.

We will wait ten minutes, from 7:30 until 7:40, for club members to show up at this meeting place. That means your best bet is to be early, not late.

At 7:40, we will proceed to the bus, where each person going will receive their ticket that they will then have to sign. Once all tickets are signed and validated at the booth, on the line we go, and on the bus we go.

Marvin's cell phone number is (646)734-5908. Please call him if you are having any troubles finding the meeting place, or the bus if you are running late. The bus leaves exactly at 8AM, and you are not guaranteed a seat if you show up exactly at 8AM. So again, I recommend you show up early for meeting us, as opposed to running to the bus at the last minute.

So once again, we will be taking the 8AM Fung Wah Bus, and shall be meeting up at 7:30AM at the Canal St./Lafyette exit for the uptown 6 train.

We will see you all there.


P.S. AnimeNext registrations were mailed out today. That means as soon as we get back from vacation, we will be putting together plans for the hotel.
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